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Secret Ingredients to a Stress free Life

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Stress Free with Hidalgofoods

Yesterday I packed all the old stuff of my mom. I've seen her picture collections when she was a teenager to her old age. Wow! I must be proud of her. she looks great, sexy, looks young on her age (but she is already 47).

On my generation since i am now on my 29th year. Not so old but not getting any younger. I saw most of my colleagues, their face are getting older, wrinkles and dark spots are seen on their foreheads. I can't say if is this because of our lifestyle or what? Partying every Friday, smoking and drinking all night.

So when i ask mom, she told me that the lifestyle of the people today is not same as what she have and if you don't take care of your self you won't get the life you want.

There is some secret ingredients on how we can avoid a stressful life .
Avoid the following foods that can trigger more stressful life like:

Refined Sugar

* eating sweets- like using refined sugar

* drinks rich in caffeine -like sodas, energy drink, chocolates, teas and coffee.

Processed Foods, meat foods

* eating processed foods like meat

Eat foods that can help you regenerate your skin

*foods rich in Vit E - beans, citrus fruits, and leafy vegetables like spinach.
*foods rich in Vit. A - like carrots
*Eat healthy foods like raw foods, organic foods.

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